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Firestick remote not working (Solved)

Amazon Fire Stick remote not working UK, US India

Firestick remote not working how to fix it some few easy steps it’s 100 Fixed Read Full Article.

in today’s tech guide I’m going to teach you guys, show to fix an amazon fire stick that isn’t working.

I will go through a few steps and if you learn all the way to the end of the article there’s a high probability that this will fix your problem.

Simple Steps to Fix how to Fix amazon fire stick not working

Let’s go ahead and dive into this the first fix is to change the batteries this may sound so simple.

But old batteries get drained and they just don’t have enough power to perform well try changing them out to a fresh set of new batteries.

if that doesn’t work let’s try this next fix press the home button on your remote control for 10 seconds make sure that you hold down on it for the full 10 seconds.

This helps your remote to get connected back with your fire stick again once it’s successfully paired you will get a notification on your tv.

if that doesn’t work let’s go to fix number three this would be to pair a new remote you go into the settings of your fire stick which you may have to download the fire tv app to do this with your phone.

if you don’t have a working remote but go into the settings go to controllers and Bluetooth devices, amazon fire tv remotes, select that, and then go to add new remote this will start a search for a new one.

Hopefully, these steps helped you to fix the issue if this not work still then you can comment below we will help you fix the issues.

Conclusion :

People searching that menu button on firestick remote not working and how to pair a new fire stick remote without the old one.

If I got more comment requests then I will bring new tips and tricks for firestick & these issues I will cover in my next post so stay tuned.

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