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Free Android Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier and More Fun!

The Android applications in the way of life class are on a very basic level instruments that can help work on your life and more fun. The free Android applications on this quick overview are no exemption for that-they are all in all great applications that can help with a particular something or the other. I wouldn’t communicate that any of these free Android applications are fundamental for your steadiness. I may communicate that in the event that you need to have some incredible events and do things sufficiently, your Android telephone can help and these 10 free Android applications are an astonishing spot to begin!
craigsphone (craigslist)

This free Android application permits you to get to Craiglist, the prestigious depicted progressions site, utilizing your Android telephone. You can do essentially anything-from investigating the progressions to posting a notification all out with photographs from your telephone! Critical and good, Craigsphone is a level out requirement for individuals, for instance, myself who can’t a few hours without keeping an eye out for the things accessible on CL!


This is an eminent free Android way of life application in the event that you like eating up out and attempting new places. OpenTable can assist you with finding the best bistros close to you. You can even utilize the application to book reservations and view the coffee shop’s menu (correspondingly as access studies to enable you to pick where to eat).

10001 Cocktails

This application has each drink persuading and they’re disconnected by alcohol type. Right when you’re examining through the tremendous number of rewards, on the off chance that you see one you like, essentially add it to “My Drinks” so you can use it later! There are different utilizations for this application and boundless prospects when it is valuable to have along. All I know is it’s astonishing to have along for getting out and about!


For what reason am I posting two of an equivalent sort applications on this quick overview? Since they’re both astonishing and I’m torn to pick only one of these stunning applications. I have both on my Android telephone and many may confide in it’s genuinely ludicrous, yet when it’s get-together time, nobody would dissent! With a baffling pursue work and the capacity to allow clients to post and rate/study plans, Bartender is uncommon stood out from other free Android applications around.

My Honey Days

Presumably not what you’d imagine from this synopsis of free Android way of life applications, My Days is an application expected for ladies. It can foresee your ovulation and status plans. In the occasion that you’re trying to get pregnant, this free Android application may basically get you out.

Exceptional Stopwatch and Timer

This free Android way of life application is truly what its name says: an unfathomable stopwatch. It truly has every conceivable cutoff you could figure you may require regarding having a stopwatch. This application can even quarrel the foundation and alarm you when the circumstance is finished.


Once more, another free Android application that does effectively what its name says. This application even permits you to see measures for earlier days (so you can check if the horoscope was careful). In the occasion that you’re into something like this, which I’m not, this is likely your most keen choice. All that I can say is that this application restricts well and looks incomprehensible.

Layar Reality Browser

This is one of the more smart applications on this synopsis. It’s incredibly standard considering everything. It’s an application that isn’t the most simple to depict. I’ll essentially say this-download it and wreck around with it-you won’t be baffled!

Extricate up and Sleep

In the event that looking at something causes you nod off, this is an extraordinary application for you. There’s a basic degree of quarrels, sounds and music that will assist you with getting into a more delivered up state. This is an amazing Android application for those of us who need to benefit whatever amount as could be considered typical from our “discharge up time”!

My Tracks

This application was made by the My Tracks Team at Google. Being a Google application, we have certain longings and this application undeniably meets or beats them! This Android application records your GPS upgrades and shows live encounters like speed, time, parcel ventured and the sky is the limit starting there. It takes in the wake of having a costly moderate GPS contraption with you dependably for FREE! Totally shocking application.

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