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Most Popular Free Android Apps

This outline of the most remarkable free Android applications run the entire degree, showing the reach and the power of free Android applications when everything is said in done. These applications can really change your Android telephone into a more grounded and more solid gadget. Point of fact, you wouldn’t have any desire to wreck that chance? Here are ten of the most notable free Android applications accessible:


In a way, it would be astounding if a typical compass application was on this rundown. Without a doubt, it’s not and this Android application is unquestionably in excess of a fundamental instrument to uncover to you what bearing is north. To give a couple of occurrences of the highlights this application brings to the table will be satisfactory to sell most on that it’s a reasonable, strong application to have on their Android telephone. It uncovers to you the bearing, in any case it comparably reveals to you the speed at which you’re voyaging, the specific headings of your zone and more things that can be utilized for entertainment only or to maybe save your life in the occasion that you’re gotten some spot.

Handcent SMS

Put forth an attempt not to get what I’m inquiring? Much more basically: do you text? For the most part, it takes your telephone to totally new level and illuminating assessment.


I truly shouldn’t need to say a particular word concerning this application. I do feel express that it’s the Official Facebook App for Android. End of conversation!


Maybe likely the most hand on free Android applications, Ringdroid licenses you to adjust particular sound records so you can make your own ringtones and cautions. Indeed, they’ve thought about that well! You can make ringtones for your Android telephone with no arranging too (utilizing the Ringdroid application on your telephone).

Spots Directory

This Android application does totally what it shows up as. It licenses you to discover the closest organization station, retail outlet, shoe store, film, or even an astounding spot for a burger. It isn’t hard to utilize yet gainful and persuading: an unquestionable need have Android application!


Might you need to keep your telephone looking new and new now and again? Get Backgrounds, maybe the most standard free Android applications that has in excess of 10,000 landscapes to no end. With this application, your telephone will not at any point look debilitating once more.

Google Sky Map

Likely not the most strong on this outline, in any case it’s totally conceivably the most enchanting. In like way? No persuading inspiration to state more than it’s a Google program!

Astro File Manager

You will have the choice to manage chronicles, analyzed and records, send reports, stronghold applications and fundamentally more with this confusing application.

Standardized distinctive evidence Scanner

Maybe conceivably the most sharp free Android applications on this quick overview, this standardized conspicuous verification scanner application permits you to will costs, surveys, and other related records by filtering the scanner . Above all for Android telephone clients, it will sufficiently unwind the QR Codes added to Android applications that you locate all over immense amounts of the Android areas on the web. Fundamentally download this free application, click the picture and take a shrewd see of an application’s QR Code.

Everybody loves music; well by a wide margin a large portion of us love it. I’m estimating in the event that you haven’t considered Shazam and what it does now, you’re likely important for the minority. On the off chance that that is the situation, this application will rapidly see tunes playing, even in tumultuous conditions. That is the point of convergence of Shazam, yet fortunately for us we all’, delivered into out and out more than that! You’ll fundamentally need to download it (to no end) to see the entire of the potential outcomes!

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