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Top 5 Adsense Revenue Share Games Websites for App Owner.

Top 5 Adsense Revenue Share Website Affiliate Review

Best and Top Collected Adsense Revenue Share-Games Websites for App Owner or Developers.

  • Do You run Websites or applications?
  • Do you want to monetize your app across different platforms to increase your earnings like Earn from Adsense Revenue Share-Games?

If Yes! Then “Great” You are in right place!

Hello! Guys! Today I show you, top 5 best websites that provide, revenue share of Adsense Earning, which work in 50 50 revenue share model.

An App Developer or Publisher have many options to monetise their application with different ad network.
But sometime due to low earnings from ad network they don't get good profit from it. 

So by adding different ad networks publishers able to earn huge earnings and they can able to pay their users for the referral programs and paying them for done different tasks.

What is Adsense Revenue Share Website Games & Quiz Program

Guys now a day’s many websites ran games, quiz and many more on websites such as arcade games, browser games, and trivia quizzes.

And Some websites ran publisher programs and they allow to publish their website or applications and they provide campaign links or a subdomain to publishers.

When people visit and use that website or link, whatever revenue generates from AdSense, the main owner of that website shared 50% of the earnings.

So it’s easy to put their link on the Menu tab, footer navigation, homepage, or anywhere.

The main game’s owner also provides images, banners, icons, etc. to publish their links. So you don’t need to separately make any creative banner.

How to Know Daily Earnings Report

Some Gaming Platform uses old methods like they send the manual report in your email id or a CSV file they updated daily with details view.

But Few websites use an advanced reporting model they send an automated email to you in the earlier morning.

Let discuss briefly which one provides the best methods, read below.

What are the Payment Methods and Payment Circle?

Maximum of Adsense Revenue Share-Games Platform doing manual payment system and they provide as below table contents.

  •  Minimum 100$ Payout System
  • 30 Days Hold Payment System Like If you earn in January month it will send payment in last of February Month.
  • Payment Send in out of India Via PayPal and for Indian, directly to Bank account.
  • One of the Account Manager Helps you with everything they contact you on WhatsApp or via calling.

Here is the Top 5 Adsense Revenue Share Website for your android apps

1 : Qureka

Qureka is the best and one of popular trivia quiz website which allows publisher program to earn both publisher and Qureka in 50 50 revenue share model.

Here are some key features that make Qureka’s best.

  • Instant Revenue
  • Additional Revenue
  • Incremental Revenue
  • Consistently High ARPU
  • Better App Engagement
  • Innovative Quiz, Unique Formats & Content
  • Google channel partner
  • Best Implementation of Programmatic & 100% Compliant Ads

What is Qureka Pro or Qureka Lite

Qureka is launching 2 popular platform 

  • Qureka Pro
  • Qureka Lite

Qureka Pro provides also paid or biding wise quizzes where users entering quiz using money and when you win you will get the award as money.

Qureka Pro uses Battle, Double Money Prize & many more offers.

By the way, qureka pro does not provide a publisher program but you can earn money by referral program.

Qureka Pro provides up to 100 INR per successful invited but terms and conditions apply.

Here is Qureka Pro Affiliate Link :

Qureka Lite : 

Qureka Lite allows the publisher to use their publisher program and share Adsense earnings, so let discuss more about qureka lite.

Qureka Publisher Eligibility Criteria

To apply to Qureka publisher program easy to deal with them, but you have to some conditions to apply.

Like one of is the main condition is you must have 5k daily traffic or daily active members. They mentioned somewhere 5k daily traffic mandatory for applying on their publisher program.

But if you low traffic or active users still try to contact them and convince them to take their publisher program.

Maybe they allow to take their affiliate program please email them: [email protected]

or visit this link : https://www.qurekalite.com/

Qureka Lite Publisher Program

  • Click on the I’m Interest Tab

Qureka Publisher Program

  • Fill in all mandatory fields and click on submit!
  • After Few Hours someone from Qureka Lite Publisher Program Team Member Contact you via call.

Final Subdomain Example URL: Click Here

Payout & Reporting System : 

Qureka Lite paying maybe 1k INR minimum payout to send to your bank account and they send the daily reports via automated email with full reporting in the morning.

Payment Circle of Qureka Lite

Qureka Lite Send Money to Bank Account in the present month earnings in next month suppose December month earnings you will get in the end of the January month.

2 : New & Easily Approve Game Site.

Gamelor Gaming Platform


Gamelor is a new gaming website where you can easily join them they do not require much traffic and the approval process is very easy and the success rate is 99% for accepting your site.

What is the process of taking a publisher program?

  • Email Them with your app name, link, and some description about your app or website etc.
  • Tell them that you want to join their publisher program.
  • After Reviewing your app and website, after review, they ask you for your Email, Mobile, Name, Address etc.
  • Finally, They send you a link, you need to promote that link.

Payout and Analytics Report

Gamelor sends your daily automatic analytics report in your email in a pdf file including the AdSense report and googles analytics report.


Gamelor pays you 30 days holding means, January month payment you will get the end of the February month.

  • Minimum 50$ Payout.
  • Pay VIA Bank, UPI, PAYTM
  • 50% Revenue Share Program

Finally, I highly recommend joining gamelor affiliate and earning as much you have revenue share link you will earn more and more money.

Gamelor Contact Details

3 : Gamezop

Gamezop.com is an arcade game and browser or HTML game platform where gamezop provides many popular games which are developed by gamezop team.

Gamezop also has 2 platforms like qureka.com.

  • Gamezop Pro
  • Gamezop Free

Pro Gamezop where users play and earn real money by just participating in a website with some money and when users win they return good profits amounts.

Free gamezop users play games and earn coins and when a minimum amount of wining balance reached the user can withdraw or shop some technology products.

Gamezop for Publisher (Affiliate)

Gamezop allows publisher program, where application owner or website owner promoting thire URL or website, gamezop shared 50% earnings from promoting their URL.

The Gamezop main source of earnings is Adsense and ran some native ads but they shared only AdSense revenue to the publisher.

How to Apply publisher program in Gamezop

If you want to earn from gamezop then it’s easy to take publisher program by visiting this URL: Visit Now

  • Select  in the drop-down menu like below Screenshot

gamezop publishers program

  • Then Put All Required Filed.

gamezop publisher program

  • After Sending the message, Gamezop team contact you in 5 to 8 hours

What is the Payout Circle & Payout Condition in Gamezop

Payout almost the same as the above 2 websites because gamezop also contacts you personally if doing well, they support you in email or Whatsapp.

Payout Circle of Gamezop : Gamezop sends your past month’s earnings at end of the present month. So if you earned 100 dollars in January they pay you on maybe the 30th of February.

Gamezop Payout Methods: Gamezop sends earnings balance to bank account directly.

Gamezop Publisher Eligibility Criteria

Gamezop not set any special eligibility criteria. If you have low traffic on the application or website then you can still talk with them and work as a publisher with them.

4 : AtmeGame Publisher Program

Atmegame is also an Arcade game and HTML browser games Platform like Gamezop.

Atmegame also exist thousand of HTML or flash games of their directory they also day by day increasing their publishers and both earned high conversion rates on ads.

They officially not released any publisher program or affiliate program on their site but you can collaborate with them you can earn the most.

Atmegame Specialty

Our own experience with Atmegame in the previous 6 months and we got HIgh CPC and high conversion rate from them because they optimize well with high CPC keywords and games, that provides high conversion rate.

So do you have confused that, is Atmegame better CPC rate than Gamezop ?

The answer is Yes! atmegame better on CPC and impression that gamezop gaming portal.

What is Publisher (Affiliate) Program Eligibility Criteria of AtmeGame

Atmegame also not required high traffic or maximum active users, while they ask you for users MAU (Monthly Active users). They expect more clicks and more users that you have to send them.

Atmegame Payout Criteria and Payment Methods.

Atmegame has the following criteria for payout eligibility.

  • Minimum 5K Indian Rupees
  • For Indian, Publishers Send to Bank Directly and maybe for another country via Paypal
  • 30-day money holding same as above 3 websites means, January month payout send at end of the February month.
  • 50% Adsense revenue share

Atmegame Earning Reporting System

Atmegame manually sends a report on  12 noon onward they shared a CSV file where they updated the daily report manually.

When you are eligible to their minimum threshold they ask you to send bank account details and in 2 3 days, they send your shared earnings to your bank account.

How to Apply as Publisher program in Atmegame

As I said above they not mentioned anywhere for publisher program but they positively interest in publisher program if they found a good publisher they can’t refuse.

So if you also interest to collaborate then must try to touch with them mail them they surely reply to you after some time.

Contact Process as an affiliate on Atmegame

  • First Visit this link and Fill up all required fields.

Atmegame affiliate

  • Enter Your Name, Mobile, Email and On Message, Box Write them about your application name, application link and the main body is telling them to You want to publish their site on your applications.
  • After Sending Him a Message, they contact you and ask more about your app like daily active users which kind of app you have, etc…
  • Finally if going all good then they may first time send you a campaign link so you have to publish it on your app or website.


Psdpedia is not a company but it is a very effective way to increase your revenue through them.

They have many different platforms like arcade games, browser games or HTML games, WhatsApp groups, and many smallest platforms.

But the main question is that! Are they accept publisher programs or promote the system?

The answer is Yes! because they shared 50% earnings of AdSense when you send traffic to them with any of their platforms they will accept your publisher request.

Let discuss which in which platform they accept the publisher program.

Arcade Games

games psdpedia

Whatsapp Groups

In Arcade Games they also similar way to use their publisher program. 
They Can easily accept your applications after they manually review.

Payout System of PSDPEDIA

Psdpedia sends payment same as above 4 websites like March month earnings send at the end of the April Month.

Reporting  Revenue System of PSDPEDIA

They Send Daily reports in the morning in email and when the payout reached the minimum threshold they confirmed and ask for a bank account.

Here is the 2 Main Portal on PSDPEDIA

  1. HTML Games
  2. Whatsapp Groups

They Only Allow Website Linking and Application owner so if think that you will send traffic through telegram or WhatsApp then it’s impossible but If you send through Youtube Then Maybe they accept.

So keep trying and keep earning.

How to Apply for Publisher Program on PSDPEDIA

Contact psdpedia is very simple just mail them with your daily active users and application types and request them to collaborate with them they when review manually maybe they accept your applications.

Here is the Email ID of PSDPEDIA:     [email protected]

So, guys, ‘s I hope you will enjoy the article and hope it might work for you. If you have any confusion to choose any one of them, feel free to comment below. I will surely reply to you and help you.

SpideyGames (Bonus Site)

Spideygames is also an arcade or HTML browser games platform they collected many flash games, browser games, and many more.

All games are mobile responsive so easily play on mobile and people enjoying their speed loading times.

So here are the questions why I listed it on number 4 so the answer is here that, their reply process is very slow and very boring.

They have some conditions that they only taking to their publisher program that has good traffic and quality apps or websites.

If you have low traffic or low active users then you have very few chances to get their publisher program.

However I saw many popular applications, publishing their games so maybe you have to contact them if they agree then you are the lucky one.

By the way, I have very little experience on Spideygames may be very similar to the above 3 websites. Mainly similar to Atmegame.

What is the Payout Process for Spideygames Publisher Program

Spideygames provides 30 days payout circle, which means February month earnings you will get at end of the March month. They May confirm when reached the minimum threshold maybe it is 100$ or more.

Spideygames Publisher Revenue Commission.

Spideygames shared 50% Adsense revenue from the total earning of your sent traffic.

Spideygames Daily Reporting System

They Send a manual previous day report email in the morning you will get a full report like how many clicks, impressions and rpm, and all things about the previous day.

How to Take Publisher (Affiliate) Program of SpideyGames

Spideygames never mentioned accepting publisher programs but they really accept manual if anyone interest and they also interest in your app.

So you have tried once to contact them below are contact details.

SpideyGames affiliate

  • Write Full Name, Email and on Subject Select “Support” from the drop-down menu
  • On the Message body put your application details like daily active users, Games Categories with the URL of the application and tell them, that  you are interested to take their publisher program
  • Maybe if you are lucky then you will get their publisher program.

However, I’m not pretty sure all about Spideygames because my experience not so good. This means they refused my application due to low active users so keep in mind that low traffic means a few chances to get.

Top 5 Most Predictable HTML5 Trends of 2013

Bonus Revenue Website

Yes, Here is the bonus website for Adsense Revenue Share with 50 50 Partnership Gaming Website.



gameskite.com is an Adsense Revenue Share Website and An HTML Gaming Portal that is own by spideygames they provide revenue share almost the same as the above websites which are already mentioned. Gameskite also deals with high-performing PVP Games (Multi-Player Games) where a user can play with others from all over the world.

Gameskite.com also provides Score API of a Games so publishers can use this on their own app and pay some coins for well-played gamers base on scoring.

Gameskite Publisher Program

Gameskite.com publisher program same as others 5 gaming platform just little bit different from others. So I will show, how you contact them for the publisher program and use it with your own app or website. also, they provide 2 main languages translation now, one is English and the other is Hindi.

Gameskite Eligibility Criteria

If you want to use Gameskite on your app then you have to contact Gameskite team members through email.

Before you will go with them make sure you are good enough traffic because they already have the best publisher on the list.

When You are contacting them can ask for it !

  • Daily Traffic
  • App Types

Then they can decide it will approve or not, maybe low traffic app or website they cant approve.

Gameskite Payout Methods & Times

Gameskit like others they pay their publisher 45 days payment cycle like you can get a January payout at February end of the month. The minimum payout is 50$ so it attracts a newbie publisher

GamesKite Revenue Reporting

Gameskit Revenue reporting same as Qureka they provide daily reporting automatically on the next morning.


Conclusion :

Earn An Huge Revenue from Adsense Revenue Share Website Adding Multiple Gaming or Revenue partners.

So can boost your earnings and made financial freedom. Start Contacting Them and Try Your Lock Today.

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